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Download Sharepod for FREE to transfer/restore Music, Contacts from iPhone, iPad, iPod to PC, Mac & iTunes without any complication

Apple has introduced a fast and efficient freeware to Transfer songs and videos from your iPhone, iPod or iPad to your PC, Mac, iTunes or another iOS Device. Sharepod download software has an ability to transfer and edit playlists View, Backup or Delete photos directly from your iPhone, iPad or iPad's library on the PC without using iTunes. Easy to load and use avoiding unnecessary complications.Simple interface. Support for mac and windows. Use the following links to download Sharepod MAC version and Sharepod Windows version. Support for iOS 8.

Now available Sharepod 4 download version in both Mac and Windows versions. You can download sharepod by using above buttons. With the new release sharepod 3 version disconnected by the developers. To use latest update you need to have iTunes 10 or later. Download sharepod 4 software and transfer music, playlists, albums artwork and many more from your Apple iPhone,iPad, or iPod to Mac or Windows PC and iTunes.

Sharepod Free

Copy Songs to Computer

Sharepod is an app for the dead easy transfer of songs. It helps you to copy music, videos , podcasts and more to your Computer and to iTunes from any iPhone , iPad or iPod.

Share or Copy iTunes Playlists

You have come to the right place if you're looking to share or copy a playlist you've made.Sharepod helps you to copy any playlist from any iPod, iPhone or iPad to any device with just one click thanks to its simple and elegant user interface.

Sharepod Free

Recover music from iPhone, iPad, & iPod

Want to recover your music collection back after a computer crash? Have you ever had a new computer and tried putting your music collection into iTunes? Auto-Transfer from Sharepod helps you to get back your music and playlists with just one press.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Sharepod 4 work with my iPhone, iPad, or iPod?

Yes! Sharepod 4 works with all iDevices which have ever been produced.

iTunes is asking to sync my device. What should I do?

We strongly recommend avoiding synchronization in iTunes until all of your data is transferred to Sharepod 4 after you have done so. Synchronizing your device with iTunes could erase any data on your device that is not in iTunes, so you're going to want to cancel any iTunes sync messages and be safe, go to iTunes Preferences and check the "Prevent iPods, iPhones and iPads from synchronizing automatically" on devices the tab.   

Does iTunes need to be open to use Sharepod 4?

Yes, when using Sharepod 4, you need to have iTunes open, because it uses the iTunes app to connect to a computer.

How do I transfer selected tracks or playlists into iTunes or to a local folder?

First, select a playlist in the main window in the left column, or track(s). Then, in the bottom right corner, click the drop-down menu, make your selection and then press Go to start the switch.

How do I select multiple tracks in the track list?

Hold down the Ctrl key (PC) or Command key (Mac) as you click additional tracks.

Sharepod crashes on startup. What's happening?

Please ensure that you have iTunes run at least once before opening Sharepod. If this is an exception to the. Net System, you will need to install QuickTime which is needed for Sharepod media previews. Then try running again Sharepod.

My iPod keeps disappearing from Sharepod. How can I get it to stay connected?

First, make sure that your iPod shows up on iTunes. If this is in iTunes, please check the "Allow Disk Use" box on the iTunes iPod Summary tab and check Sharepod again.

I'm getting an "unable to access track" error when transferring tracks from my iPod. How do I fix this?

Please check the box to "Enable Disk Use" on the Summary tab for your iPod in iTunes and try the transfer again.

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As you already know Sharepod Download is one of the perfect tools to free transfer/restore Music, Contacts from iPhone, iPad, iPod to PC/Mac, and iTunes without any complication. Sharepod download software is an ability to transfer and edit playlists View, Backup, or Deleted photos directly from your iPhone, iPad, or iPad’s library on the PC without using iTunes. It is a 100% free general transfer and restores software and when it comes to the success rate of file transfer and restore is always stood on the top of the leader by providing 95% of highest success raito with the amazing file transfer and restore process.So if you are willing to transfer/restore without having any sort issue, Sharepod Download will be the best solution for you and you can use our download page to download ios and Windows version and mac os versions for 100% free as well. Sharepod Download was developed by a knows as ‘Sharepod Download Development Team’. So all the copyright of Sharepod Download go to the “Sharepod Development team” as the respective owners of this awesome device t5ransfer and restore App.

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